Automobile tracker device

- Product Code: TLA
- Suitable for positioning family cars, self-driving car...
- Dimensions: 84x47.5x15 (mm) | Weight: 50g
- Network: GSM/GPRS/GPS | Band: 850/900/1800/1900Mhz
- Supply voltage: 12 ~ 24 VDC
- Working temperature: -40°C ~ +85°C
- Locate in real time, review vehicle route, the speed of each moment....
- Support to eavesdrop through integrated microphone on the device
- Support for remote shutdown via SMS
- Positioning vehicle 24/7, it can monitor on PC browser, or Smartfone

TLA Car tracker device is a GPS tracking device which is suitable for family cars, self-driving car... Track position of the vehicle in far distance, monitoring on the mobile phone, check vehicle location by a computer at any time.

• Positioning in real time

• Review the history of vehicle route

• Determine the speed each time

• Daily and monthly statistics reports of the total Km/day, stop/ run vehicle time of the day.

• A feature helps GPS TLA appreciated highly due to having built-in backup battery 280mah to perform warning when the supply cord is cut (in case of being stolen vehicles and cut wires, the device still has battery to operate and help you find the exact location of the vehicle).

1. Tracking, monitoring of vehicles at any time via computer and phone.

- Monitoring continuously vehicle location by management Website:, which can access on computer or phone. In addition, it can locate by SMS.

2. Status control for ACC electrical lock.

3. Integrated GPS and GSM antenna.

- The built-in GPS and GSM antenna makes the device absolutely compact without large area as other devices

- Using the GPS chip with high sensitivity

- GSM chip works on 4 bands 850/900/1800/1900Mhz

4. Combination LBS and AGPSagps positioning.

- Integration of LBS technology helps to locate even without GPS reception, which makes sure supervision without interrupting.

- Beside of supporting LBS, TLA positioning, it also has been supported AGPS positioning that helps to increase ability to locate with faster processing speed.

5. Ultra small size making the hidden device installation is easier.

6. There are two ways to know the location of the car when installing TLA.

- 1st method:

• Check the location through web: running on computer or smartphone.

• Open the web browser on (Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer…), inputting on the address bar, then press Enter   

• The login screen appears. You enter the account and password provided by suppliers.

• Once successfully logged in, click on the license plate on the system software, the map shows the location of the car that you want to monitor directly. View Demo

(Review vehicle route in the day, which stored on the server in a year)

- 2nd method:

Check location by SMS (regular message), this is usually used in cases of that computer or smartphone doesn't connect the Internet, compose and send messages to telephone number inserted in TLA device, the device will send back SMS to determine precise locations on Google map. Check the position of the vehicle on a map of Google Map.

7. MGPS software is used on the phone using iOS and Android operating system.

• On iOS, the MGPS software in the App Store Download

• On Android, download MGPS software following link link. After downloading the software file MGPS then install.


• In this screen, you can log in account and password provided.

• After logging application will list the devices on the same account, and mark the first device position in the list.


• Select the vehicle that you want to review on the application route, it'll show the places gone through and predict the route.

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